Tackle the Mysterious “Return on Investment”

College is a wise investment of my time and money. Or is it? For students who are low-income or first in their family to attend college, this question can feel like a constant struggle.

“Is this college worth the cost?” is often the center of college conversations come springtime. Whether you’re a family member, a college counselor, or a student, analyzing the return on a college decision is a messy process at best. This report from Urban Institute does the best job I’ve seen at tackling the issue. It clearly states there is no perfect singular method for determining the return on your investment. However, there are ways to increase the quality of your judgment along the way.

Check out pages 2 to 9 of this report for a ready-to-use breakdown of these 5 ROI topics, and more!

  1. “The Cost of College Can Be Difficult to Calculate”

  2. “Students May Underestimate the Time to a Degree and Their Likelihood of Earning a Degree”

  3. “Earnings Vary by Institution, Degree Level, and Major”

  4. “Earnings Vary by Demographics and Local Economic Conditions”

  5. “Students Must Adjust Their Expected Return on Investment in Education”