Welcome to the WhereWeGo Blog!

Welcome to the WhereWeGo Blog!

My name is Ben and I’m one of the founders of WhereWeGo, an app that matches first generation students with the right college. As we build our company, we are constantly amazed by the people out there who are doing the hard work involved in supporting first generation students through their college processes. From high school counselors, to college success coaches and first gen students and alumni themselves, there are people who do this impactful work every day. We have learned so much from them and they continue to inspire us.

The purpose of this blog is to highlight those people.

As a public high-school teacher in New Orleans, I struggled to provide my students with the information they needed to make the best choices after high school. I was constantly disheartened watching amazing students end up in institutions that couldn’t support them, and then seeing them out of college before the end of their first year. Even though we had good college counselors, the pure volume of work involved in supporting an entire grade through these decisions, often resulted in the most challenging parts of college discovery and the application process falling to a 17 year old and their family.  

Then there are the students who found the right school. Who are thriving and flourishing and on track to achieving their aspirations. Sometimes they found the right place through luck, but often they were given a critical piece of advice at a critical moment, or supported by a program at their college through a challenging time.

That is why we are so thrilled to highlight the people, schools and programs who are solving this problem in new and creative ways, and this is why we are building WhereWeGo.

Thanks for reading,