How WhereWeGo Helps Colleges


Increase returns on recruitment budget

On WhereWeGo, students can access great information about your school faster and better than ever before. By partnering with us, you can increase visibility, recognition, and reputation. Your institution will shine for what it should be shining for: the programs and outcomes you are most proud of.

targeted communication between admissions & students

Through WhereWeGo, students can contact participating institutions directly. In addition, institutions can learn who is interested in them and similarly make direct, targeted contact with prospective students. Every time a student matches with your school you can start a conversation immediately.


be elevated & spotlighted based on your equitable programming

College rankings are incomplete at best. WhereWeGo elevates proven effective programming like Bridge programs, excellent academic advising, first-generation mentorship, and other student support services. In an atmosphere where it’s hard to stand out, WhereWeGo will help show your institution’s best side.

Bring the campus visit to the student’s pocket

Perhaps nothing is as valuable to a student during the college search as the experience they have on campus. With curated pages, scrolling high quality images, and better visual content, participating institutions bring the benefits of thousands more campus visits to students each year. Students want to imagine themselves at your school. WhereWeGo puts them on campus.


increase engagement with support programs before matriculation

Research shows that when students engage on campus by enrolling in support programs, or being involved in communities on campus, their likelihood to thrive and graduate increases. This is especially true for first generation students. We work diligently not only to get the word out about what your institution offers, but to get students participating months before they unpack their suitcase.

Build student’s sense of belonging

Research shows over and over again that when a student feels a strong sense of belonging to their college, their engagement on campus increases, and their persistence through their programs does as well. For participating colleges, our app helps students articulate what it is about them and about you that makes it a great match. WhereWeGo students will be your champions.

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